Course Outline- Day 2


  • Low Vision Treatment
    1. Education in altering lighting and types of lighting to use or avoid
    2. Education in creating contrast within the home
    3. Education in various physical modifications/safety measures to ensure household safety
    4. Writing activities with use of modifications
    5. Activities of Daily Living/Home management tasks
    6. Diabetic self-management
    7. Review use of eccentric viewing techniques (PRL training)
    8. Computer Accessibility
    9. Basic Principles of Optics
    10. Reading/spotting activities with use of various optical aids
      1. Hand held magnifier
      2. Stand magnifier
      3. Various high powered spectacles
        1. Prism spectacles
        2. Aspheric spectacles
    11. Use of electronic magnification
      1. Desktop CCTV/Acrobat
      2. Portable CCTV
      3. Text to Speech Scanners
      4. Discuss other electronic devices currently on the market
    12. Distance Magnification
      1. Telescope
      2. Spectacle Binoculars/Max TV Spectacles


15 Minute Break



  • Lab Session– In Pairs or Trios
    1. Education in basic principles of optics and hands-on use of various optical devices. Discussion of Advantages/Disadvantages of Each Device
    2. Basic Orientation and Mobility in the Home/Sighted Guide Technique


Lunch Break On Your Own


  • Lab Session– In Pairs or Trios
    1. Case Studies with Discussion Afterwards


  • Setting up a Low Vision Program at your Facility
    1. Performing a survey to determine the need in your geographical area
    2. Establishing the low vision rehabilitation team- model of care and relationship between MD’s, OD’s, and OT’s.
    3. Review of acceptable Medicare billing ICD-9 and CPT codes in obtaining reimbursement of services provided
    4. Marketing the program
    5. Selecting and ordering evaluation and treatment supplies/materials
    6. Development of paperwork which meets current Medicare guidelines


Adjourn for the Day

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