Course Outline- Day 1


  • An Overview of the history of Low Vision Rehabilitation
    1. Demographics- current and future
    2. The healthcare vs. the blindness system
    3. OT’s evolution in the role of OT
    4. WHO classification of the different ranges of visual impairment
  • Review of Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye


  • Review of the More Common Eye Diseases and Current Medical Treatment Available
    1. Cataracts- not usually seen in low vision rehabilitation
    2. Glaucoma
    3. Diabetic Retinopathy
    4. Other conditions


15 Minute Break



  • Low Vision Evaluation
    1. Evaluation by low vision optometrist
    2. Taking a history- past medical history, social history, patient complaints/goals, cognitive status, etc.
    3. Distant/Near Visual Acuity
    4. Contrast Sensitivity Testing- (Lea Numbers)
    5. Oculomotor evaluation
    6. Reading assessment- (VSRT)
    7. Writing assessment- (Collin Writing Assessment)
    8. Scotoma awareness/PRL training
    9. ADL assessment


Lunch Break On Your Own


  • Lab Session– In Pairs
    1. Administer/Grade MnRead
    2. Administer/Grade- VSRT
    3. Scotoma Assessment/PRL Training


Adjourn for the Day

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