Essential Low Vision One Day Program

In just a few hours, the Essential Low Vision Program can offer immediate help to adults living with profound vision loss. Through expert instruction in techniques, home safety will increase, functioning in daily tasks will improve, and the understanding of assistive technologies and devices will greatly enhance quality of life and self-reliance. This program also offers information about additional resources and services. Friends, family members and caregivers are encouraged to accompany the participant at no extra cost.

This program can be an alternative or a compliment to other programs offered at Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey. The Essential Low Vision Program will benefit those who have experienced sudden vision loss and have an immediate need for help or those who do not have the ability to attend our other programs.

Topics include:

  • Methods of Accessing Reading Materials
  • Optical and Non-Optical Low Vision Aids
  • Screen Magnification and Screen Reading Software
  • Products and Strategies for Activities of Daily Living
  • Home Safety Tips
  • Proper Human Guide Technique for Traveling Safely
  • Support, Resources, and Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The Essential Low Vision Program is currently offered at the Denville location. For more information including program fees and upcoming program dates, please contact the Program Manager at (973) 627-0055, ext. 312 or email

Please call the Program Manager at (973) 627-0055, ext. 312 or email to learn about transportation options to get to each location.
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To find out more about our programs or to arrange a tour, email or call (973) 627-0055, ext. 312.