Dining in the Dark 2017
Monday, October 16
Thank you to everyone who attended, especially our participants and volunteers.

DITD ProgramA Unique Sensory Experience

Dining in the Dark was a chance for our sighted friends to learn how our program participants experience a meal.


They learned tips and tricks for eating without vision and also learned more about Vision Loss Alliance and the impact of our programs.

DITD CoffeeSighted guests wore learning shades and, with the help of VLANJ program participants, learned to eat without using their vision.


Everyone enjoyed a full three course meal in a new way and earned a new awareness of what we do.

DITD Award PresentationA special thanks to Novartis for sponsoring our event and our programs.


Novartis is a long time supporter of Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey and we were able to honor them with a special award, custom crafted by GlassRoots of Newark.